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Be mine never-ending card
Be mine never-ending card

''Be Mine'' Never-Ending Card

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            • The card features the words ‘Be Mine’ and a sweet love heart on the front. Inconspicuous, right?
            • Have you found the One with a great sense of humour? Time to test his/hers tolerance levels
            • It will play for (at least) 3 hours
            • Whether smashed, ripped or flooded in water it continues to play!

            People always say the thing they're looking for in a relationship is someone with "a good sense of humour." If you and your significant other have wicked sense of humour (and high tolerance levels), then you'll probably consider pranking each other. Once your recipient presses Play, kissy noises will play for the next three hours. That's right! THREE HOURS. When your helpless recipient presses the 'play' button again to try and stop the nightmare — it just gets louder. Lucky for you, an included tab allows you (the joker) to safely sample the sound, open the card, and write your message. Once the tab is removed, it's like pulling a pin on a grenade. Take cover! Or at least bring earplugs. Who is your unsuspecting victim? Your other half or why not the in-laws…
            Great for any day of the year, Valentines Day, Anniversary, Birthday. 

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