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Unfuck yourself
Unfuck yourself

Unfu*k Yourself


  • Overcome our greatest barrier to a greater life…ourselves!
  • From action comes happiness. Do, your thoughts shall follow
  • 220 pages

Have you ever felt like a hamster on a wheel, furiously churning your way through life but somehow going nowhere? It seems like there’s a barrage of information surrounding us in our everyday lives with the keys to this thing or that thing, be it wealth, success, happiness or purpose. The truth is, most of it fails to capture what it truly takes to overcome our greatest barrier to a greater life…ourselves. What if everything you ever wanted resided in you like a well of potential, waiting to be expressed? Unfu*k Yourself is the handbook for the resigned and defeated, a manifesto for real life change and unleashing your own greatness.
Bishop insists that we need to act, even if we don't feel like it. When we choose not to act, we need to face the fact that we're not willing. Inaction is, in effect, action and can be debilitating and have a domino effect. If you just want a hug and to be told nothing is your fault, well, this probably isn't for you. If you want to get your act together and make things happen, then this is a good place to start.

Measures approximately L12.7 x W1.3 x H20.3cm