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The golden book of fortune telling
The golden book of fortune telling

The Golden Book of Fortune Telling


  • Who says you can't predict the future?
  • Dive into the meaning of names, zodiac signs, dreams and birthdays, discover the significance behind colour choices, love interests and friendships
  • 368 pages, eye-catching golden cover and gold page edges

What does your life hold in store for you? Each of us has a unique fortune, determined by many factors. And learning more about your own fortune will give you the tools to steer your life in a positive and successful direction. The first three chapters of this book discuss fixed characteristics - your birthday, your zodiac sign and your name - to help you understand the meanings behind them and, as a result, know yourself better. The fourth chapter focuses on dreams, which can both reflect your subconscious mind and forecast your future. The subject of the fifth chapter is colour: how the colours you choose to surround yourself with can serve as a window into your personality, and how you can harness the power of colour to change your fortunes for the better, The final chapter delves into relationships and examines portents of new love and friendship!

Measures approximately L15cm x W12cm, 368 pages