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Listography journal
Listography journal

Listography Journal


  • Ever had dreams of penning an autobiography in a list?
  • Terrific gift and also great for time capsules
  • Fun alternative to the run-of-the-mill diary
  • If you don't like lists, don't get this book
  • 160 pages

Do you have a list for just about everything and anything? Ever had dreams of penning an autobiography? Listography Journal offers a fun alternative to the run-of-the-mill diary. Author Lisa Nola and illustrator Nathaniel Russell have teamed up to create a fun way of recording information about yourself – a veritable life in lists!
The book will get you well on your way to keeping track of life’s big and little facts about yourself. It makes a terrific gift and is also great for time capsules. The journal boasts a sturdy cover and thick pages ready for your exciting facts and details.
If you love lists, then you will LOVE this quirky take on journaling, not to mention the original illustrations that accompany each list will have you in stitches.
Bottom line: If you don't like lists, don't get this book, but, if you do like lists, you NEED to get this book and you need to get is ASAP!

Measures approximately W18 x H24cm, 160 pages